2009 Augusta Awardees

2009 Augusta Awardees

The Right Honourable Sir Duncan McMullin '40 - Service

Duncan McMullin

The Right Honourable Sir Duncan McMullin had a most distinguished career in Law. After graduating from Auckland University College in 1950, he practised as a barrister and solicitor. He served some years as a judge of the High Court and the Court of Appeal.

In 1975 he began his work as Chairman of the Royal Commission on Contraception, Sterilisation and Abortion. He was ably assisted by his former Latin teacher and retired Headmaster of Auckland Grammar School, Henry Cooper, who served as the commission's secretary. The commission's report, issued in 1977, given its controversial subject, was equally controversial. McMullin and Cooper played a most important role in addressing three of New Zealand's serious moral issues.

Sir Duncan was involved in a number of initiatives and held several important appointments. Among others, he was Chairman of the Wanganui Computer Centre Policy Committee, Chairman of the New Zealand Conservation Authority, Chairman of the Market Surveillance Committee, New Zealand Electricity Market, and judge of the Court of Appeal for Fiji and the Cook Islands. He was made a Privy Councillor in 1980 and became a Knight Bachelor in 1987.

Max Gimblett '50 - Arts

Max Gimblett

Max Gimblett is an intentionally renowned artist. He contributed to the development of New Zealand painting through the exhibition of early abstractions. His much-admired quatrefoil-shaped paintings, which emerged in the early 1980s, now feature in most public collections in New Zealand. His work was included in the Third Mind: American Artists Contemplate Asia, January-April 2009; the biggest exhibition ever to be staged at the Guggenheim Museum in New York on American Art and the East.

Max has been based in New York since 1972, still works at least five days a week and teaches classes whenever he can. Keeping ties with New Zealand and the Kiwi art community, he has presented solo exhibitions at the Gow Langsford Gallery in Auckland and the Page Blackie Gallery in Wellington, both in May 2009; as well as being the inaugural Visiting Professor of Art of the National Institute for the Creative Arts and Industries at the University of Auckland.

Denis Feeney '68 - Academia

Denis Feeney

After graduating from the University of Auckland with a MA in Latin (1st) 1975 and a MA in Greek (1st) 1976, Denis Feeney's destiny lay beyond our shores. His dissertation for DPhil Oxford was supervised by the renowned Professor Nisbet, Professor of Latin, Corpus Christi College.

From 1978-1990 Dr Feeney lectured at Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Edinburgh and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He held the chairs of Latin at Bristol 1990-92 and at Wisconsin 1993-96. After a four-year term as a Fellow and Tutor at New College Oxford, Professor Feeney took up his current position in 2000. He is Professor of Classics and Giger Professor of Latin, Princeton University and is a recent recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship.

Professor Feeney has won international acclaim in his area of specialisation for his lectures, articles and his three major works: 'The Gods in Epic', 'Literature and Religion at Rome' and 'Caesar's Calendar'. His teaching is in the area of Latin poetry in particular, and his publications have addressed the interaction between Roman literature and religion.

Professor Feeney belongs to an exceptional group of Grammarians who have made an enduring contribution in the field of Classical scholarship, both in research and in teaching.