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In Zone Online Enrolment for 2023

In Zone applications for the remainder of the 2023 academic year are now open. To start this process, please ensure you read through the information contained in the link below. This will explain the steps to follow in order to complete and submit your son’s online application for enrolment.

IMPORTANT: BEFORE you start filling in the application, please ensure the following documents have been scanned to your computer. The documents listed will need to be uploaded at certain stages as the application is filled in.

Proof of Identity

For all students

1. A certified copy of your Birth Certificate (please provide the English translation if necessary).

Students born in New Zealand

2. A certified copy of New Zealand passport or citizenship certificate.

Students born outside of New Zealand

3. Certified copies of passport (first page) and Residency Permit or Student Permit, together with parents’ passports and residency or work permits.

4. Entry stamp showing the date of first arrival in New Zealand.

Documents to support student’s address

5. A copy of your most recent telephone (landline) or broadband account (all pages).

6. A copy of your most recent electricity account (all pages).

Owner occupied property

7. A copy of your most recent Auckland City rates notice or;

8. If the purchase has been made within the last 3 months, a copy of the solicitor’s final settlement letter.

9. Trust properties must include a declaration from the Trustees declaring a right to occupy the property.

Rental property

10. A copy of your Tenancy Agreement. The minimum tenancy for initial enrolment is a one-year fixed term agreement covering the student’s first year at Auckland Grammar School.

Note: a current rental agreement acceptable to the Board for a genuine in zone address must be provided to Auckland Grammar School for the entirety of a student’s time at the School.

11. Bond Receipt from Tenancy Services.

Previous out of zone address

12. If you have moved to the enrolment address in the past 12 months from a property you owned, provide proof of what has happened to your past address.

13. If you have moved to the enrolment address from a rental property, provide the final electricity account for that address.


14. Statutory Declaration completed and signed by a Solicitor or Justice of the Peace

Click here to print out a copy of the Statutory Declaration

15. Latest School Report (please provide the English Translation if necessary)

16. A copy of a Parenting Agreement in the case of separated parents.

Certified means that a copy of a document and its original are to be shown to a Justice of the Peace or Solicitor so that it can be verified as a true copy.

Further documentation may be requested and applications will only be processed once all documentation is received.

Once you have gathered all the above required information you may begin the online enrolment process by clicking on the link below.

Click here to begin the Online Enrolment Process for applications in 2023

Note: Applicants should check their junk/spam folders for email communication from Auckland Grammar School regarding your son’s enrolment status.