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University of Otago

Refer to the below links for the University of Otago. Marine Science The University of Otago’s NZ Marine Studies Centre (NZMSC) has gone online with resources for schools across New Zealand. Of particular interest to secondary schools are the following:
  • Fishy Web Cams – livestreaming from the NZMSC are the Seahorse-cam, Fish-cam, Touchpool-cam and the Wharf-cam. On the website you will also find supporting videos and resources to help you identify and learn about the species on view. Feeding, reproductive and territorial behaviours are highlighted
  • How to MARINE Science – this new learning package provides students with guidance to carry out an independent investigation in a biological context. This video series is supported by a student booklet and will focus on chitons and mussels – both easily accessible on the shore, can be held in a simple aquarium, and ethics approval is not required. If you are interested in receiving the package, please email
  • Online resources – a range of resources are available on the NZMSC website