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Introduction to Sport

Auckland Grammar School holds academia as its priority for all young men in its care. Throughout history, the School has recognised that extracurricular activities are an important part to a young man’s personal development. The extracurricular life of the School is essential to our mission as we aim to develop well-rounded young men who willingly exhibit the School’s values, while contributing in an variety of contexts in and outside our gates.

Our sporting environment aims to cater for the diverse and changing School community through the provision of a variety of sporting activities. The traditional sports at the School are Athletics, Cricket, Football, Hockey, Rugby (53 All Blacks are Auckland Grammar Old Boys) and Tennis. In recent years Badminton, Basketball, Cycling, Water Polo and Weightlifting have all emerged as strong codes.

The School, where possible, will offer sports for students of all ability levels, as well as the provision of Premier sports teams for students seeking excellence in sport.

In 2021, three Old Boys competed at the rescheduled Summer Olympic Games in Tokyo (Athletics and Cycling), and Old Boy Ben Barclay ’15 represented New Zealand at the 2022 Winter Olympic Games in Beijing. This representation on the world stage is something the School is immensely proud of and serves as a great source of inspiration for our current students.

New students to Grammar will soon realise the importance of tradition and the significant contributions that have been made by so many young men who have come before them. It is our intention to ensure these traditions of the past are upheld by the next generation of Grammar boys as they attempt to leave their mark on our School during their time here.

One of these traditions occurs during our full School daily assembly, where students cross the stage. The first student to cross stage and receive the School’s congratulations every year is the Head Prefect. Thereafter, a number of students will be recognised for their efforts by crossing stage throughout the year in a variety of capacities. Students should strive to cross stage at least once during their tenure, so that the School can recognise their achievement and share in their success.

If you have any questions regarding sport, there are numerous noticeboards around the School with frequently updated information on the sports we offer. All trial dates and meeting times will be communicated in assembly each morning. You may alternatively wish to visit the School website or speak with myself or any member of the Sports Department.

Above all else, students are encouraged to immerse themselves in the extracurricular life of the School and enjoy their secondary school years.

We are extremely grateful for the contributions previous Grammar students have made to enhance our School. This responsibility now falls on your shoulders as the next generation of Grammar students.

Dave Mackay
Director of Sports Development