Football is a very popular sport at Auckland Grammar School and students are keen to participate in the sport at both a competitive and social level. The opportunity to play against teams from other schools is an exciting opportunity for our students to develop their collaborative skills outside of the classroom, and make new friends on the way.

At Auckland Grammar, the top teams such as the 1st XI and the A grade sides have seen unmatched success in our long history. The school has seen many students go on to play the sport at a professional level, and this is something we are keen to continue doing.

Over the course of the season teams compete various annual exchanges with other high schools, regional competitions and national competitions.

Please find below some information and answers to frequently asked questions.

When is football played? During Terms 2 and Term 3

When are football trials for the 1st XI and A grade teams? 1st XI trials are usually held in Week 9 of Term 1. Unsuccessful students from the 1st XI trials will be allocated to either the 2nd, 3rd or 4th XI teams.

The A grade trials occur across weeks 10 to 12 depending on the dates of Term 1 exams. There are 2 trials, students successful in the first trial will then be invited to a second trial. Following this second trial the A grade squads are determined. Over the course of the first 3 weeks and fixtures in Term 2, the A1 and A2 teams are then confirmed from this squad of players

Where can I find information on the trial dates? Please listen carefully to notices in assembly. The information will be posted on the Football noticeboard when the timings to the trials have been finalised. This can be found on the lower floor of the main block, underneath the Deans' Suite.

If I don't make an A grade team happens next? You can still play Football for the school - don't worry!

  • Form 3 and 4 students - will automatically be placed into a B grade team unless you request otherwise.
  • Form 5 students - will need to join up or put together a seven-a-side social grade team which play on Friday nights.
  • Form 6 and 7 students - will need to join up with a Senior Social team.

If I don't make an A grade team what can I do? The main thing is to show how determined you are. Sometimes students are unsuccessful as they may not trial particularly well on the day. If this is the case, you need to work hard in training, and play well in your fixtures to show your coach what you can do.

We are constantly asking coaches about how their teams are doing, and if there are stand out players we may have missed, so it is crucial your attitude and effort is of the highest standard in order to be recognised. If this is the case, you may then be invited to train with an A grade team so your progress can be monitored further.

Can I choose what B grade team I am in? Unfortunately not. Students are placed into teams according to their preferred position so that every team has a good mix of players who want to be a goalkeeper, defender, midfielder or striker. By allowing students to move around makes things very difficult - this way you get to meet new people and can make new friends.

What time is kick-off on game days?

  • Saturday mornings: Juniors (Forms 3 and 4) kick off at 9am,
  • Seniors (Forms 5, 6, and 7) will play Saturdays at 10am
  • The 1st XI team will usually play Friday night on the artificial turf, sometimes at midday on the No. 1 field.
  • Please check College Sport for fixtures (Friday evening is best, as College Sport can make last minute changes)

When will my practice be? Once students are allocated into teams, the coach will call a meeting with all players and explain where and when training will be. This will normally be after School.

Students in the A Grade train twice a week for the first few weeks, and then once a week with a second training session if necessary. This will be in the morning and/or after school on the lower School fields.

B Grade sides train once a week at the Domain.

What do I need to play? Boots, shin guards, and playing uniform.

How much does football cost? Cost of uniform available from the School Shop and a $35 levy per player.

Where can I check who and what time I am playing against? Click here and select your grade to take you to your fixtures.

What if I am ill or cannot make training? It is your responsibility to send your apologies to your coach. By not turning up for training can often mean you will not necessarily start the game on the Saturday.

What if I am ill or cannot make the game? You must let either your coach, team captain or another player know by phone or email.

Conduct during the game. We expect all students to behave in the Grammar Way - we do not argue decisions with the referee, coach or any member of the public. Students must conduct themselves in the best possible manner and not bring the school into disrepute.

Anyone who is found to be disruptive during the games, or causing any offence, will be subject to further punishment, and in some circumstances expulsion from their team.

Game Time. Students in social teams will get to play each week. There are a maximum of 5 rolling substitutions permitted. For students in A grade teams, a maximum of 4 substitutions are permitted from a maximum of 5 players on the bench. It is possible that a student in an A grade team may not get a game at all in the week.

All students are requested to abstain from any verbal abuse towards the referee or opposition during the game, and should simply applaud any such behaviour directed at the Grammar team.

Registrations: Registrations for 2020 are open until



Form 3 students:

  • First Trial: Monday 23 March at 7am on the artificial turf
  • Call-Back Trials for Successful Students: Thursday 26 March at 7am on the artificial turf

Form 4 students:

  • First Trial: Tuesday 24 March at 7am on the artificial turf (13A1 players from 2019 do not need to attend)
  • Call-Back Trials: Friday 27 March at 7am on the artificial turf – all players successful from the first trial, and 13A1 from 2019 required to come

Form 5 students:

  • First Trial: Wednesday 25 March at 7am on the artificial turf (14A1 from 2019 not required at this trial)

1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th XI teams:

  • 1st and 2nd XI First Trial: Monday 16 March.
  • 1st and 2nd XI Call Back Trial: Friday 20 March
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th XI Trials: Tuesday 17 March

Form 5 Social Football: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER

This year the format will be a seven-a-side tournament on the artificial turf on a Friday night. Students need to see Mr Keshwara in the Science department to get a form and submit this to him with their squad.

Please note that all players must be in the 5th form and not in the 1st to 4th XI teams. If any team is found breaching these rules they will be expelled from the tournament.

Senior Social Football: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER 

Form 6 and 7 students need to organise their own teams and consult with Mr Keshwara over who their manager or coach is. This must be a parent who will then be contacted over their availability at every game. Students must ensure that they represent the school impeccably under the supervision of the parent coach.

The Master in Charge of Football is Mr Keshwara. Students are able to speak to him in the Science department during the School day or contact him via email.



Week  6

  • 3rd/4th XI Call-back trial – Tuesday June 2nd at 3pm on the lower fields (Please refer to the list on the Football noticeboard)
  • Form 3 Call-back trials – Wednesday June 3rd at 3.30pm on the lower fields
  • Form 4 Call-back trials – Thursday June 4th at 3.30pm on the lower fields
  • Form 5 Call-back trials – Friday June 5th at 3.30pm on the lower fields