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New Zealand Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships

During the last weekend of the Term 2 holiday break, the Orienteering team competed in the New Zealand Secondary Schools Orienteering Championships in the Hawkes Bay.

The sprint race was held on the first day at Splash Planet around an empty pool facility which provided a challenging map for the competitors, including navigations through tunnels and bridges. The junior team (Form 3 students) earned three top 10 placings with S. C. Randerson placing third, Y. J. Chu sixth and A. Li ninth.

The Long race was held the following day on farmland. The juniors were the top performers from the team, with Randerson placing seventh and J. A. Strang placing ninth.

The Senior Boys Championship was particularly challenging with all man-made features, including fences, removed from the map. This required the boys to rely on natural and topographical features only.

The relay was held on the final day on a condensed course on farmland with numerous controls around the course meaning competitors had to be particularly accurate with their navigation.

All three levels had top 10 finishes:

  • The Senior team of Form 6 students E. H. Lee and B. K. O'Callahan and Form 7 student A. G. J. Heave placed 10th
  • The Intermediate team of Form 4 students C. R. Carter and Form 5 students O. J. Gunson and J. K. D. Kumar placed sixth
  • The Junior team of Form 3 students S. C. Randerson, C. L. Stewart and J. A. Strang placed second

Form 3 students S. C. Randerson and C. L. Stewart crossed stage in assembly on Wednesday morning to receive their medals and the School's congratulations.