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2020 Rope Cup: M.J Hiddleston

This award is for the best all-round young man in the school - the young man who has been most outstanding for: -

  • Personality;
  • Leadership;
  • Strength of character;
  • Sense of responsibility in performance of duties;
  • Scholarship;
  • Co-operation with staff;
  •  Athletic prowess and record in school activities.

The emphasis is on personal achievement - the best young man on the above points. Much of this could be achieved in his final year.

The 2020 recipient is M.J Hiddleston

Michael has maintained an academic focus while meeting his leadership and extracurricular commitments in a final year full of uncertainty.

He has worked with a sense of purpose to achieve academically in the 4 A level subjects studied this year. His approach to academia has seen evidence of self-discipline, maturity and the fortitude required to achieve aspirational goals.

Michael has demonstrated great commitment to School life by being actively involved with the rowing squad as captain of rowing and a member of the Senior Eight. He has also actively given back through the Headmaster’s Welfare Committee, the Chronicle Committee and the Interact Group.

Michael's appointment to the position of Head Prefect this year reflected his exceptional leadership qualities along with his empathy for others and his humility.  It was also reflected in the overwhelming support he received from staff and senior students. He has excelled in this role and set high standards for himself and in doing so has represented the School with the pride seen in past Head Prefects.  His resiliency has come to the fore as he actively sought solutions in often trying circumstances this year, including on-line addresses and the multiple postponements of the Prefects’ Ball.

He is a considered and affable young leader, who is Grammar loyal. He has achieved well, demonstrated strength of character and integrity. These characteristics along with his humility and empathy have engendered confidence in those around him while earning the respect of staff for a job well done.

Michael Rope 2020 Prizegiving