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2020 Turners Cup: J.R Irwin

For all-round participation in school activities, for example sound academic progress, participation in extra-curricular activities, especially in sport and a manly, responsible approach to life.

The 2020 recipient is: J.R Irwin

Josh Irwin is a young man whose actions have supported and endorsed the Auckland Grammar School ethos and ‘The Grammar Way’. He has made the most of the opportunities that have been presented to him.

Josh has been a member of the 1st XI Cricket team for 3 years and is the 2020 Captain of Cricket. Batting at 3 or 4 in the order, his role is to provide stability at the top and build partnerships to wrestle back any momentum that may have been lost. His best innings for the School earned an Honours Board recognition -  103* against Palmerston North Boys’ High School in the traditional 3-day match.

Josh has also been a member of the 1st XI Hockey Team for 5 years and is the 2020 Captain of Hockey. He has played 96 games for the 1st XI and scored 43 goals. Had this season not been cut short, he would have played 100 games which is a rare feat. Josh possesses the base skills of an international player, with the ability to eliminate opponents and create goal scoring opportunities. Together with his vision for the game, he has had a positive impact the team’s performance.

Josh’s approach to his academic, sporting and cultural endeavours coupled with the maturity he exhibits when challenged, further reinforces the balance with which Josh lives his life. He has maintained these commitments whilst also serving as a Senior Prefect this year.

Josh Irwin has been a Premier Sportsman, a Senior prefect and a diligent student in the classroom whose empathy, maturity and humility have reflected a truly manly and responsible approach to his time at Auckland Grammar School.

Josh Turner 2020 Prizegiving