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2020 Burroughs Cup: J.W.P Stephan

This award is for the young man who has entered most whole-heartedly and most widely into the sporting activities of the school.  Consideration is given to: -

a. sportsmanship

b. School spirit

c. All-round interest in games

The award is not necessarily for individual prowess, but rather for all-round participation.

The 2020 recipient is: J.W.P Stephan

Joshua Stephan is a talented sportsman who throughout his five years at Auckland Grammar School has competed in Athletics, Cricket, Football and Skiing.

In 2020, he was a member of the 1st XI Cricket Team and 1st XI Football Team.

He has been integral part of the 1st XI Football team providing a persistent threat in front of the opposition goal mouth and his determined approach to the final whistle. Additional to his playing strengths is the value of leadership he has brought to the team. He has set exacting standards and has demanded others around him to meet or exceed expectations.

Joshua has been committed to Auckland Grammar School cricket for 5 years. He has been in the 1st XI Cricket team for 3 years and is this year’s vice-captain. Joshua is the complete all-rounder. As an opening batsman, he has led from the front. His approach has earned recognition on the Cricket Honours board including 103 against Westlake and 111 against Rosmini in a one-day match. His best bowling figures were 79 for 5 against Palmerston North Boys’ High in the annual 3-day traditional fixture. He complements his role as a batsman and bowler through fielding in focused fashion while exhibiting outstanding skill in the field.

The careful blend of sporting talent, a strong work ethic, leadership-through-action and humility have all contributed to Joshua’s success over 5 years. Earning selection into and competing weekly for two Premier sports teams throughout his senior years has been a worthwhile achievement in itself.

As a 2020 Prefect, Joshua has been approachable while being an active competitor who has demonstrated leadership and followership, loyalty and humility.

Joshua Stephan is a young man who has whole-heartedly competed in school sporting activities, and has consistently demonstrated sportsmanship, School spirit and all round interest in sport.

J.W Stephan 2020 Prizegiving