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2020 Proxime Accessit: E.Z.A.Zhang

Eddie Zhang is an able academic who has retained his place in the A stream, throughout his 5 years. His consistent performance has seen him progress from 8th in 3A in 2016 through to 2nd in 7A in 2020.

Eddie’s academic ability and focused work ethic are evident in his Cambridge Examination results, gaining IGCSE marks of 97, 96  95, 95, 95 and 94 in Form 5. In Form 6 at the Advanced Subsidiary Level he earned marks of 95 for Mathematics and Chemistry, 94 for Physics, 92 for Biology and 91 for English, and completed an A Level in Mathematics with a mark of 95%.

He accordingly earned selection in Proceres Grammatici, the School’s elite group of academics. Eddie has continued to achieve exceptional results this year averaging over 94% across his subjects in the final School examination series. His awards of the Ben Gould Prize for Chemistry, O’Sullivan Prize for Biology and Rabone Prize for Seventh Form Science, clearly display his prodigious talent and passion in this subject area.

Eddie has been involved in the wider life of the School, complimenting his academic pursuits through participation in Debating, Duke of Edinburgh, Spanish Film Club, Interact Group, Asian Cultural Group and the Headmaster’s International Committee.

Eddie is an outstanding scholar and is described by his masters as diligent, talented, self-regulated and meticulous. He has enjoyed time with close friends at the School and credits them with helping him build his work ethic and providing useful guidance when he has important decisions to make.

Eddie plans to study Medicine at an Australian University with a view to returning to New Zealand for an internship. He attributes his choice of career path to a keen interest in Biology and Chemistry. 

Eddie’s time at Auckland Grammar has borne exceptional results and we wish him every success with his applications and his future academic endeavours.

 Eddie Zhang Proxime 2020 Prizegiving