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2020 Dux: N.J Chen

The BF Connell Prize for Dux of the School for 2020 is the most appropriate final acknowledgement of Nathan Chen’s academic achievements at Auckland Grammar School.  The relentless pursuit of knowledge and an unwavering work-ethic have characterised Nathan’s academic journey.

The most obvious evidence of Nathan’s consistent approach is as follows: In Form 3A his first in class was earned with an average of 95%.  This set the blueprint for the next 4 years, in 4A, 5A, 6A and 7A earning 1st in class each year.

Nathan was selected to be a member of Proceres Grammatici, the School’s elite group of scholars. In the End of Year School Examination series he was 1st in Economics - 95%, 1st in English - 94%, 2nd in Scholarship Mathematics - 96%, 2nd in Physics - 96% producing an aggregate of 381/400. Nathan’s pursuit of academic knowledge has seen him awarded the C.J. Garland Memorial Prize for Seventh Form English, the Joseph Shaw Prize for Laboratory Work and the Economics Prize.

Nathan has involved himself fully in the wider life of the School, including Chamber Music, the Wind Band and Concert Band, Duke of Edinburgh, Football, Tennis, Interact, Mathex mentoring, Asian Cultural tutoring, Chronicle Student Editor, Debating and the Interact Group. His commitment to School life and his peers has been remarkable.

He has been noted as an exceptional scholar with a drive for excellence. He is unrelenting in his approach to learning and his desire to gain deep understanding. Nathan’s approach has been unwavering and his standing as the pre-eminent academic student in the School in 2020 aligns with his focussed and diligent approach over five years.

Nathan plans to begin his tertiary study at an American University, with applications currently before Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and Columbia. He intends to study either Applied Mathematics or Economics and has a keen interest in financial engineering and operations research. He hopes his university study will provide sufficient scope to explore and consolidate these interests in the future.

With his proven focus, drive, work-ethic, desire to learn and exceptional academic record over the last five years, Nathan is sure to excel.

N.J Chen Dux Prizegiving 2020