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Students graphic design tool sold at School

Onecut are competing in their second year of the Young Enterprise Scheme in 2020 after a successful year in 2019. The group made the National Finals in Wellington at the end of the year last year, and although they did not place in the top 3,they have made significant developments in the creation of their innovative product, the “Synergy 45” which is an architectural and graphic design multi-use tool.

The quality of the product and the integrity of the group has allowed them to maximise opportunities, including the opportunity presented by the School and the School Shop to stock the Synergy 45 graphic tools.

The group are in the middle of production of their new tool; the Synergy 30 (they have a prototype), which will hopefully allow them to maximise opportunities in the YES competition this year. The new prototype is likely to be in full production within the next 6 months.


OneCut YES 2019