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Letters for Healthcare Workers

On Tuesday 9 June some students from the Interact group dropped off letters of thanks and appreciation to the healthcare workers at Auckland City Hospital. 

The letters main purpose is to bring joy to the workers at Auckland City Hospital and show them that everyone at Grammar and in New Zealand appreciates their hard work and was thinking of them during the pandemic.

This thoughtful idea was organised by interact group member, Isaac Mellis-Glynn of 6A who's mother is healthcare worker that continued to work during the lockdown.

The COVID-19 Pandemic was a very strange, slightly scary and really tough time for everyone and the healthcare workers continued to work extremely hard to save lives whilst putting their own lives at risk. Like Isaac, many other students of essential workers witnessed some of the struggles that their loved ones went through during this time and these letters were a great opportunity to express and show what their hard work meant to them.

If you are heading to Auckland City Hospital please do check out the letters. There are over 100 letters from Form 3 – Form 7 Students at Grammar.

Thank you, Healthcare workers, for your courage and hard work. We appreciate you and everything that you do for your community and for New Zealand.