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Tree Planting Idea Wins Competition

'Sorted in Schools' is a division of the NZ Financial Capability Commission. Its aim is to improve the financial literacy of school students.

In March this year they announced a NZ wide contest for school groups to create their own events. The groups had to plan and complete a budget proposal for their community activity, event or experience  These activities could have been a market day, art exhibition, or a beach clean-up or a fun-run with a barbeque for the workers afterwards. The budget proposal needed to include a detailed breakdown of costs and a creative video or Powerpoint to support it.

A small group of Interact members were tasked with developing a proposal for a tree planting day at a regional park but due to the lockdown, the proposal was completed individually, on behalf of the Interact Club, by Q.S. Li of 6A.

The proposal presented by Q.S. Li was for a tree planting day with a shared pizza lunch. The remainder of the budget was to revisit the trees, check on their progress and do any maintenance that was required. It would be an unforgettable, fun and unique experience where students can interacting with nature and give back to the community. 

Initially the proposal won a spot prize of a $500 Rockshop voucher. This was followed shortly after by the announcement that the School's Tree plating proposal had won the top prize of $5000. This Money was to be used to cover all the costs of the tree planting activity and food afterwards.

The activity is still in its planning stages and will be completed later this year.