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2019 Dux: A. G. Hornung

Alexander Hornung began at Auckland Grammar School in 3F and his dedication and determination saw him continue to progress, finishing 2019 in 7A.

Alex improvement was from 3F to 4D to 5C and by Form 6 he finished top of the class in 6C. This steady determination to evaluate his performance and improve is impressive and reminds us that it is not where you start that is important, but how you finish that counts. His 2018 Form 6 end-of-year report shows that he gained marks of 96% for Mathematics and Physics, 92% for Chemistry, 91% for Biology and 80% for English. He backed up this performance in the November 2018 Examination Series at Cambridge AS Level with marks of 95% in Physics, 94% in Mathematics, 93% in Chemistry, 92% in Biology and 83% in English.

These outstanding results saw him promoted to 7A and Proceres Grammatici, the School's elite group of Form 7 scholars. Alex rose to the challenge and improved his aggregate every term, culminating in Term 3 School Examinations where he was first in class in A Level Chemistry with 98%, first in Biology with 98%, first in Physics with 97% and third equal in Mathematics with 95%, giving him an overall aggregate of 388/400.

Through academic endeavour he has earned the Eric Astley Prize for Mathematics and Science, the Rabone Prize for Form 7 Science, the O'Sullivan Prize for Biology and the Ben Gould Prize for Chemistry.

Alex has balanced his academic commitments with social Football, Basketball and Tennis at various times of his tenure.

He has been noted that he is an exceptional scholar with a superb work ethic. He has maintained a steely determination achieve the highest grades possible in examinations. Alex has heeded teachers feedback throughout his five years and has progressively improved his performance to earn the right to be called an exemplary student in every aspect, and an absolute role model of resilience, focus and dedication for his peers.

Alex plans to study towards a Bachelor of Science at the University of Melbourne. He has noted that he would like to specialise in Chemistry. However, he will continue to review this. His determination to honestly evaluate his performance and improve upon his personal best is a fine example of a growth mindset and in turn what can be achieved.

With his ability, application, intellectual curiosity and impressive determination to review and lift his performance at every opportunity. He is sure to excel.
2019 Dux Alex Hornung holds up the B. F. Connell trophy
2019 Dux Alex Hornung holds up the B. F. Connell trophy