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2019 Torch of Tradition recipient: Deputy Head Prefect L. A. Wong

This award is made to the young man who has been most conspicuous for the following qualities - devotion to the school and its traditions, service and self-sacrifice, general conduct inside and outside the school, character, bearing and manner, sense of responsibility and School spirit.

The record over the whole of a young man's school career, or most of it, will have to be considered and the 2019 recipient is Deputy Head Prefect L. A. Wong.

Liam has had an outstanding career at Auckland Grammar School. He has been a talented all-round student.

He has combined his natural intellect with self-motivation and curiosity to achieve superb academic grades in AS Sciences, English and Economics and as a Form 6 student earned an A level in Mathematics. His academic achievements earned him membership in the Scholars' group, Proceres Grammatici, this year.

He has been committed to School life throughout his five years as can be seen by the diversity of activities he has embraced. He has excelled as a member of the Senior Athletics team and Premier Volleyball team and shown considerable ability within the disciplines of Cricket (2nd XI), Football (3rd XI) and Debating (Advanced Open 1).

It is worthy to note that was a member of Senior 4 x 100m relay team who won gold at the New Zealand Secondary School Athletics Championships in December last year. He is a capable and committed sportsman who shows determination as a team player and leader.

Liam is this year's Deputy Head Prefect. He has contributed extensively to the tone and culture of the School in this role and as a member of the Headmaster's Environmental Committee.

He has shown a real sense of responsibility and pride in his School and it is through his actions that he has won the respect of staff and students. He has been a selfless leader who has acted in the best interest of his peers and school. Despite his considerable talents and achievements in and out of the classroom throughout his five years, he has responded with modesty and respect.

Liam's extensive contributions and achievements, alongside his understanding of tradition and occasion describe a devoted student, one who has also supported the ethos of Auckland Grammar School through his service, character, bearing and manner.
Deputy Head Prefect Liam Wong receives the Torch of Tradition from Act MP David Seymour '97
Deputy Head Prefect Liam Wong receives the Torch of Tradition from Act MP David Seymour '97