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International Young Naturalist's Tournament

After winning the New Zealand Young Scientist's Tournament in Wellington, in March, Form 4 students M. S. Griffiths and R. Sidhu were selected to represent New Zealand at the International Young Naturalist's Tournament held in Minsk, Belarus.

Between March and August, they each had to prepare three presentations on subjects as diverse as 'The Perceived Size of the Moon' and 'The Rate of Reproduction of Yeast Cells'.

During the tournament in Minsk, they beat teams from China, Kazakhstan and Georgia to find themselves second place heading into the final.

In the final, they beat the favourites from Switzerland and a strong Croatian team with a presentation on 'The Parameters of Producing Fire with a Magnifying Glass'.

As overall winners, they each received a medal and are invited to represent New Zealand at the 2020 International Young Naturalist's Tournament in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Griffiths and Sidhu crossed stage last week to receive their medals and the School's congratulations.