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Where are they now? Harrison Hosking '12

Taking part in the 2016 International Universities trip, which visited campuses in the United States and the UK (including Harvard, Yale and Oxford) gave Old Boy Harrison Hosking '12 some clarity as to where he wanted to begin his tertiary studies.

Harrison is one of a number of students from the class of 2012 who will depart for the United States in August to study abroad. He will attend Claremont McKenna College in California, where he will pursue an undergraduate degree in Economics and Political Science.

These subject choices build on Harrison's extracurricular studies and interests. For example, he was involved with the Headmaster's Cultural Committee, the Senior Film Society, the Chronicle Committee and Amnesty International.

As a member of the School's Scholarship group, Proceres Grammatici, Harrison was also very academically-focused. He was awarded certificates in French and Economics and describes his second-in-class award for 7B at the 2016 Prizegiving assembly as "an amazing moment for me in my last year."

Harrison recently returned to Grammar to take part in the annual Scholars' Assembly, as he achieved an average of 91.33% across all subjects. His name will be one of a select few on the prestigious Honours Board which is updated annually.

Headmaster Mr Tim O'Connor said in his first video message for the year that many students whose names were added to the Honours Board "started in lower streams, but through their dedication and desire, took one of a limited number of places on that Board."

Harrison can certainly attest to this. "In Form 3, I never would have imagined that I would be able to get onto the Honours Board or attend a college in the States," he said, "but through sheer hard work I have managed to achieve both these feats."

Harrison's advice is simple: "Find subjects you are passionate about and put 100% of your effort into learning and succeeding in them, and always strive to achieve your best through hard work and perseverance."
Michael Zemke Mark Simento Anthony Zemke and Harrison Hosking
Harrison Hosking (far right) at the 2016 Leavers' Luncheon with fellow 2012 classmates (from left) Michael Zemke, Mark Simento and Anthony Zemke.