Health Centre

Health Centre

The School's Health Centre aims to provide a healthy and safe environment for all students and to promote a healthy lifestyle within the School. Open from 10am to 3pm during the School term, it is located beside the old tuck shop and opposite the Sports Centre. It can be accessed by Gate 3.

Our two registered nurses, Jacqui Klaassen and Liz Morgan, provide the following services at the clinic:

  • Management of accidents, illness and any ongoing wound care.
  • Monitoring of any long-term medical conditions and liaison with community specialists.
  • Maintenance of health documentation for all students.
  • Referrals for students to providers such as GP, Counsellor, Physio, District Nursing Services.

The nurses are also both actively involved with the School's Health and Safety Committee and are both ACC accredited.

If a student is unwell

Students who are unwell must obtain a note from their teacher before reporting to the Nurse. Students are then assessed, treated and sent back to class when they have recovered, or they are sent home if necessary, after the Nurse has made contact with their parent or caregiver.

We would ask that parents collect your sons as soon as possible after we have called you, as this will help our Nurses ensure that we provide a safe and healthy environment for all students and staff.

Please ensure that the School has your correct contact/emergency contact details. You can see if they are up-to-date in the Parent Portal System (View Details) and provide any updated information to

Health information

A health information form is given to all students on enrolment at the School. If your son has any long-term medical needs or conditions, please give us any relevant information from your doctor, hospital or clinic that he attends to help us support him during his time at Grammar.

Please also advise the Health Centre of any new medical conditions that your son develops while he is a student at Grammar.


Our registered nurses work in accordance with the New Zealand Nursing Council Code of Conduct to offer a child/youth friendly confidential service. Information that is considered necessary to the health and safety of the student while at Grammar will be made available to teaching staff where appropriate.

If you have any concerns regarding confidentiality, please contact the School Nurses.

Phone: 09 623 5637
Mobile: 021 0234 6993

Jacqui Klaassen, New Zealand Registered Nurse

Liz Morgan, New Zealand Registered Nurse