Tibbs House Staff

Tibbs House Staff

Director of Boarding, Mr Frank HaszardDirector of Boarding: Mr Frank Haszard
Email: f.haszard@ags.school.nz

Mr Haszard '93 has taught Economics at both NCEA and Cambridge level at Grammar since 2009. He has taken up the role of Director of Boarding from 2021.

He has had a pastoral role as Form 7 Dean for 6 years. He has previous experience at Tibbs House having been an Associate Housemaster from 2012 to 2016.

He has significant interest in and been involved with both School Cricket and Football.  He is joined at Tibbs House by his wife Eloise and children Zac and Isabelle.

Deputy Director of Boarding, Mr Bruce John

Deputy Director of Boarding: Mr Bruce John
Email: b.john@ags.school.nz

Mr John has previously been the Form 3 Dean for eight years and is now the Head of History at School.

He is also highly involved in coaching Rugby at the School and he is joined at the Hostel by his wife Katie and daughter Clara.




Form 3 Boarding Master, Mr Campbell Lowe

Form 3 Boarding Master: Mr Campbell Lowe
Email: c.lowe@ags.school.nz

Mr Lowe has taught at Auckland Grammar School since 2015, after a couple of years teaching overseas and working at Burnside High School in Christchurch.

He is the Master in Charge of Rowing and Endurance Swimming and his specialist subjects are Physical Education and Geography.

Mr Lowe is also the Form 4 Dean at Auckland Grammar.


Form 4 Boarding Master, Mr Matthew CumingForm 4 Boarding Master: Mr Matthew Cuming
Email: m.cuming@ags.school.nz

Mr Cuming began his teaching career at Rotorua Boys' High School where he was House Master at Tai Mitchell House. He then taught in London at King's College in Wimbledon before starting at Auckland Grammar School in 2018.

Mr Cuming is the Form 3 Associate Dean and a subject specialist in Biology.

He coaches Rugby and is the Master in Charge of Touch Rugby.




Form 5 Boarding Master, Mr Chales LaingForm 5 Boarding Master: Mr Charles Laing
Email: c.laing@ags.school.nz

Mr Laing has taught at Grammar since 2008, following eight years at Avondale College and a further two years overseas.

He is currently the Head of English and during his time at Grammar, he has managed the Premier Basketball team and he has also coached cricket.

He is joined at the Hostel by his wife Takako and son Kazuo.



Form 6 Boarding Master, Mr Thomas Horrocks

Form 6 Boarding Master: Mr Thomas Horrocks
Email: t.horrocks@ags.school.nz

Mr Horrocks has taught at Auckland Grammar School since 2019 and he is a member of the Commerce Department, teaching Business Studies and Economics.

He is a keen sportsman and coaches cricket and rugby at the School.

This is Mr Horrocks' first year as a Boarding Master at Tibbs House and he is joined by his wife, Anna.



Form 7 Boarding Master, Mr Simon Lassche

Form 7 Boarding Master: Mr Simon Lassche
Email: s.lassche@ags.school.nz

Mr Lassche has been a Master at Tibbs House since 1991 and he has taught at Grammar since 1987.

He teaches both Science and Chemistry to senior levels and is also a keen sportsman and very successful coach of squash.

Mr Lassche is also a member of the Auckland Grammar School Tramping Club.



Tutor, Mr Daniel Reddish

Assistant Boarding Master: Mr Daniel Reddish
Email: d.reddish@ags.school.nz

Mr Reddish has been at Auckland Grammar School since 2014 working in the School’s Development Office as the Bequest Manager.

Previously he was employed as a fundraiser at the Royal New Zealand Plunket Society.

He has spent the last year living at the InZone Hostel as a Tutor and coaches the School's Under 15A Rugby team.



Matrons: there are three Matrons employed by Tibbs House, working in shifts, to ensure there is 24/7 care for the boarders on-site at the Hostel. You can email them at matron@ags.school.nz

Matron, Miss Sonia Bailey

Miss Sonia Bailey

Miss Bailey is a retired teacher after 25 years. In addition, she is an expert in the field of working with children who suffer with various disabilities.

She is a strong believer in creative expression and takes to DIY home decor projects in her down time.





Matron, Mrs Debbie Kennedy

Mrs Debbie Kennedy

Mrs Kennedy started at Tibbs House in 2018 and has previous experience in the field of education and, in particular, working with people with disabilities.

She is married with three children and she enjoys spending time with her family, attending her local Church and attending Zumba classes.




Matron, Mrs Ann OliverMrs Ann Oliver

Mrs Oliver started at Tibbs House in 2015 and has a background in caring for groups of children and in education administration.

She is married with an adult son and daughter and enjoys pilates, live theatre and travelling.





Tutors: Tibbs House employs two Tutors to assist in the running of key areas of Hostel life. Their main areas of responsibilities are tutoring and helping to organise recreational activities.

Tutor, Mr Billy Woodworth

Mr Billy Woodworth

Mr Woodworth attended Auckland Grammar School as a Tibbs House boarder from 2012 to 2016.

After spending 2017 at Reading School as a Gap Tutor, he returned to New Zealand to pursue a Bachelor of Arts in Politics and Media at the University of Auckland.

He is an avid rugby player and coach.




Mr Caleb Wilson

Mr Wilson attended Auckland Grammar School as a Tibbs House boarder from 2014-2018. He is now pursuing a Bachelor of Law and Commerce at the University of Auckland.

He has a keen interest in many sports and cultural activities, but is particularly passionate about rugby and kapa haka.

Counsellor Mr Mika Taito

Guidance Counsellor: Tibbs House has a dedicated Guidance Counsellor. During the School day he is based in the Student Services department and he is available to all boarders. He also regularly visits at Tibbs House and runs the fortnightly Form 3 Induction to Boarding course.

Mr Mika Taito
Email: m.taito@ags.school.nz

Mr Taito has been at Auckland Grammar School since 2015 having previously worked at Youth Justice Residential, with various community groups and in various secondary schools.

Whilst enjoying most sports, he has a deep passion for self-defence and mental skills preparation in sport athletes.

Mr Taito is married to Hannah and they have three children, Elliana, Tyrell and Neriah.