Tibbs House Contact Details

Tibbs House Contact Details

Maintaining regular contact with your son and his Housemaster is important. Please make yourself familiar with the details below.

Director of Boarding: Mr Frank Haszard
Phone: 09 623 5432 (for problems with fees, enrolment or with changes of address or circumstances).
Email: f.haszard@ags.school.nz

Deputy Director of Boarding: Mr Bruce John
Phone: 09 623 5434 (for any matters regarding your son, including duty allocations, exeats, Prep and behavioural concerns)
Email: b.john@ags.school.nz

Boarding Masters - for any matters regarding your son including pastoral and well-being, exeats, Prep, discipline or behavioural concerns, and any other queries you might have.

Form 3 Boarding Master: Mr Campbell Lowe
Phone: 09 623 5438
Email: c.lowe@ags.school.nz

Form 4 Boarding Master: Mr Matt Cuming
Phone: 09 623 5436
Email: m.cuming@ags.school.nz

Form 5 Boarding Master: Mr Charles Laing
Phone: 09 631 0223
Email: c.laing@ags.school.nz

Form 6 Boarding Master: Mr Thomas Horrocks
Phone: 09 623 5427
Email: t.horrocks@ags.school.nz

Form 7 Boarding Master: Mr Simon Lassche
Phone: 09 623 5433
Email: s.lassche@ags.school.nz

Assistant Boarding Master: Mr Daniel Reddish
Phone: 09 623 5435
Email: d.reddish@ags.school.nz

Phone: 09 623 5440 (if your Son will not be returning because of illness or injury after an exeat or you wish to discuss some matter of a medical or personal nature).
Mobile: 021 191 6631 (emergency only)
Email: matron@ags.school.nz

  • Miss Sonia Bailey - Matron
  • Mrs Ann Oliver - Matron
  • Mrs Debbie Kennedy - Matron
  • Mrs Ilse van Rensburg - On Call Matron

Duty Master's Office (for the Duty Master)
Phone: 09 623 6437 (if your son will not be returning because of illness or injury after an exeat or you cannot contact the Matron, please contact your son's Housemaster, or the Director of Boarding).

Note: all staff have voicemail for missed calls and these are cleared regularly.

Important phone lines
Boarder (Main foyer): 09 623 5442
Chef/Kitchen: 09 623 5531
Hostel facsimile: 09 623 5431

Note: please do not call on weekdays between 7pm and 8:45pm, as students are in Prep, as well as after 9:30pm.

School Finance Office - Mrs Svetlana Loukine
Phone: 09 623 5425 for matters relating to fees, please contact the School's Finance Office
Email: s.loukine@ags.school.nz
Postal address: Accounts Office, Auckland Grammar School, Private Bag 99930, Newmarket, Auckland 1149

Postal address:
Tibbs House, 87 Mountain Road, Epsom, Auckland 1023

Parents' Support Committee

The Tibbs House Parents' Support Group (hereafter THPSG) is a support network for all the parents of Tibbs House.

The group holds a meeting at the end of each holiday when students return to Tibbs House. These meetings are open to all parents and always in attendance are members of the THPSG Committee and the Director of Boarding. These meetings are relaxed and informative and act as a forum for discussions on all matters relating to Tibbs House.

One of the main functions of the THPSG is to provide an extra source of funding for social and/or recreational purchases that benefit all boarders. To this end, a donation of $50 per year per family is collected to be used throughout the year as the group see fit.

The objectives of the Tibbs House Parents' Support Committee are:

  • To support the Director of Boarding
  • To support/links parents
  • To assist with communications between hostel and home
  • To assist in organising social and cultural events/outings
  • To maintain a contacts database of all Tibbs House families

The committee meets at 6pm in the Quiet Room prior to the start of each term, when the boys return to the hostel. All parents are most welcome to attend. An Annual General Meeting is held in October each year.

Please feel free to contact any the following people if you have any questions:

Chairperson: Mr Arjan De Wilde
Email: a.dewilde@xtra.co.nz

Secretary: Niki Chave
Email: niki.chave@gmail.com

Treasurer: Mrs Fiona Freeland
Email: fionafreeland@yahoo.com