Boarders' Stories

Boarders' Stories

Form 3 student Jack LundonJack Lundon '21 from Auckland (outside the Grammar Zone)

Coming into Tibbs House, I wanted to give my best at everything I do and take from the mistakes I made and things I have learnt. When I first arrived, I did not know what to expect, but I don't think I was expecting it to be as good as it is. As a new Form 3 student, I was nervous about starting a new school and leaving home, but excited about all the new challenges I would have to overcome and all the new friends I would make.

Tibbs so far has taught me lots of things like, not being late, tiding your room and much more great things that will make a good Grammar man. Being here has also helped me academically and on the sports field.

Academically the prep sessions have helped me complete al my homework on time and helped me do extra revision for my tests and exams. At Tibbs there are tutors here to help with your work which is a really helpful thing that you would not get at home.

If you are thinking of coming to Tibbs I would strongly urge that you do, you will make new life-long friends, face new challenges and become a Grammar man.

Form 3 student Cooper McConeCooper McCone '21 from Pukekohe

When I found out I had made it into Tibbs House I was so excited and started to get ready. When I first went inside I realised I would need to make some changes to my daily routine to have the best experience I could possibly ask for.

Before my aunty left to go home when I started at Tibbs she said to me, "You take every opportunity that stands out to you and go for it." That really encouraged me to do as she said and on my first night I had the best sleep of my life.

One of my favourite things to do when I get back to Tibbs after school is play pool, Table Tennis and Basketball with my friends. One of my favourite times of the night is when we do prep because we have a quiet space to get all of the homework we need to do in the space of 1.5 hours a night.

I have made so many friends not just in Form 3 but in all forms, and I hope to make many more. Overall it has been such an experience in the time I have been here.

Form 4 student Kyan PotterKyan Potter '20 from Pukekohe

Boarding at school or living in the hostel with a bunch of cool boys had never crossed my mind, until I sat down and was shown the opportunities and skills I would gather along the way at Tibbs House.

After I had come round to the idea of making the most of the Grammar education and sporting teams the School has to offer as I enjoy sport the most, I applied for Tibbs. One hard part I was chuffed to overcome was to get around hostel and to know many other boys faces and names, and to know we were in the same boat, after becoming so close with the hostel boys we are like a unit, we can go to each other if we need help.

Tibbs House is changing me slowly but surely for the better. I am learning to see the pros more than the cons, it is teaching me that nothing comes for free, and that I have to work hard and strive for my goals, wants and needs.

Living so close to school benefits me and every boarder with having easy access to trainings, the fields and basketball hoops - we also get that little bit of extra sleep as it is a five minute walk to school.

My short time at Auckland Grammar is filled with mixed emotions, and each day I strive for my potential and learn how to cope on a daily basis. I am glad I have been given these opportunities and will go for excellence in all my doings.

Form 4 student Luca TonerLuca Toner '20 from Auckland (outside the Grammar Zone)

Tibbs House, as a whole, has been an overwhelmingly positive experience and influence on my time at Auckland Grammar School. It has played an instrumental part in both my academic success and developing me as a person. It really helped me to become confident, and outgoing, and to take pride in what I do.

Pride is one of the School's key values, and I feel that Tibbs House has really helped to instill these values into me, and to make me into the person I am. These values are held close to the heart of the School, and outline what it means to be a Grammar man. It has not only shaped us as a cohort into proud students, but also men in our own right.

I can see firsthand boys developing into great students - and people. None of this could be accomplished without Tibbs, and the support of the great masters around us. This place instills dedication, hard work, and grit into boys, and these qualities have been key in the many successes of the students around me. Tibbs House has not only taught us these key values, but has also assisted us in learning to cooperate with others.

The camaraderie that forms between boys just by living together is astounding. I have only been here for a little over a year and I have already seen strong friendships forming, bonds that will last a lifetime. These skills of socialising and co-operation that we learn over the course of our time here are incredibly valuable, and essential to maintaining workflow in both classrooms and in the future in whatever profession we find ourselves in.

Not only does Tibbs prepare us to work well with others, it also ensures boys take as many of the opportunities available to them, and encourages boys to get involved in as many school groups as they can. This is the fullest way to enjoy all the Auckland Grammar has to offer, and boys have found that the more they become involved with the school, the more they enjoy their time here. Tibbs House's location also allows this, being conveniently located right next to the School.

Not only does Tibbs promote success in extracurricular activities, it also facilitates extreme academic growth in the boys here. Personally, I feel that the prep time each night and readily available tutors here at Tibbs have given me a significant advantage in my studies and allowed me to get higher exam marks than I ever thought I would.

Overall Tibbs house has been extremely beneficial to almost all my academic and sport endeavours, and has really crafted me into a better person than when I first arrived.

Form 5 student Ben Hainsworth-FaaofoBen Hainsworth-Faaofo '19 from Clarks Beach

When I first heard about Tibbs House via my brother's acceptance, the idea of living in a boarding house seemed daunting. But now after attending Tibbs since 2019, the idea of leaving seems more daunting. The relationships I have built, the variety of opportunities gifted to me and the relentless help and support by staff and fellow boarders have made my experience the great one it currently is.

When I arrive at the dining hall every day, I still find myself looking at the names of many great men engraved in the Tibbs House Head Prefect board. Their accolade proves to many young men that we are privileged to be surrounded by opportunities that will help us achieve in the future if we dedicate every bit of effort into them.

The blessing of being at Tibbs has helped many young men manage their free time and commitments. The two 45 minute prep slots give us the essential time to complete our homework and centre our attention to notes to study for upcoming tests or exams. The masters and tutors help and support are truly appreciated and without them, Tibbs wouldn't have the excellent reputation it does today.

The brotherhood environment of Tibbs is also a blessing to be a part of. I still remember the Form 3 orientation day and how I was sitting in a circle looking out to all my fellow borders and seeing how nervous they were and how it reassured me that they are experiencing what I was. But now after attending Tibbs House, I can proudly say these boys are and always will be my brothers. We inspire each other to do our best and will always have each other's backs.

Form 6 student Adithya ChankothAdithya Chankoth '18 from Bombay

Coming from a rural area where I had plenty of space and distance from my neighbours, I was a little unsure how I would handle being thrust into a very communal environment, sharing a room with four other pubescent boys can't be a good idea right?

However, I soon realised that having people around me who were in the same boat as I was, who felt the same way I did, produced a sense of community. We were all coming from different backgrounds and environments but we were all learning what it meant to be a Tibbs boy together.

Having the other boys around me helped me become accustomed to hostel life very quickly. Through the years, being a boarder at Tibbs House has given me an opportunity to grow and develop as a person. The experience gained from being a boarder has really helped me and many of my peers in the transition from boys to young adults; time management, responsibility, and emphasis on developing a solid routine are all skills that we have gained through living at the hostel.

Being away from home has also helped instill a sense of independence and self reliance, I consider myself very fortunate to have the support and guidance of the masters and through the years I have come to really appreciate and value their knowledge and advice.

As a message to the younger ones, I urge you to make the most of the opportunities you have been provided with at this hostel, and with regular hard work and dedication you will be guaranteed personal success at Grammar and in life.

Form 6 student Levi PotmanLevi Potman '18 from Waiuku

When I first came to Tibbs House, I was welcomed by the masters and other boarders and I quickly intertwined myself into hostel life. Coming to Tibbs has opened up opportunities for me that were previously not available to me and I was able to immerse myself into the Grammar culture.

I was also able to immerse myself in academics, sports, and music. Without Tibbs House I would not have gotten to where I have reached today, my academics have excelled because of the School and the facilities that Tibbs House provides to all borders.

Tibbs House gives out opportunities to all the pupils in the house that is available in no other place making the hostel a unique place. I have been able to grasp onto previously unknown skills and opportunities opening doors I never knew existed, the academic facilities the School provides are of a high level, and the teachers and hostel tutors at the school are the best of the best and will help your sons to excel further than any other school.

Teachers are not only academically intelligent but also will help boys to choose the right career paths to lead the boys to become successful young men. Tibbs House is a great place that helps the boys to become independent and allows time for the boys to grow and make lifelong friends. The boys I have met at the hostel are unique to themselves and are very diverse coming from all different backgrounds.

Over the last four years, I have only grown closer to the hostel boys and the experiences I have had with them are something unique that only the hostel can provide. The sporting and artistic facilities the school can provide also open multiple opportunities to the boys. Sport at Grammar is highly competitive and is great for the boys to immerse themselves, the schools' coaches are great in their fields of sport and will help the sport inclined boys to succeed in what they enjoy.

Overall, Tibbs House is a place where boys can come and enjoy their time while going to a great school in the process. Coming to Tibbs House is an opportunity the boys do not want to miss as it will give them memories they don't want to forget.

For me, it is being able to lead the younger boys from the hostel to become better versions of themselves and being able to enjoy time with my friends every day. It has become my home away from home.

Form 7 student Jahko TohaiaJahko Tohaia '17 from Mangatawhiri

Arriving at Tibbs House as a Form 3 student was exciting, scary and overwhelming all at the same time. I knew before I arrived that I wanted to immerse myself in all the fantastic opportunities that Tibbs house and Auckland Grammar had to offer. I came with an open mind and learned very quickly that self-motivation, discipline and being organized are key in gaining the most out of my time here.

Tibbs House for me, is like a home away from home, I have been surrounded and inspired by so many people, from the masters to the sound care from the matrons, and of course the friendships I have made that I know will be life long.

Boarding life is like nothing you have ever experienced before, and it does take a bit of getting used to, having an environment with structure and discipline has helped me hugely academically, having set times for prep and meal times have allowed me to plan my days so I can still do the sports and activities that I love, this for me has created a healthy balance.

I am so grateful for the experiences and time I have had here, Tibbs house is the perfect environment to help you grow but you have to be prepared to take the opportunities. The Tibbs family have always supported and encouraged me on my journey.

Being a part of Tibbs has taught me compassion and resilience and has helped shape me into the person I am today. Looking back I can see that I have gained skills and behaviors that will be me in good stead for the rest of my life.