Play in a Music Group

Play in a Music Group

The Music Department at Auckland Grammar School maintains a wide cross section of performance music groups, for which auditions are held every year. Students interested in joining one of these groups should either speak to their core music teacher or contact the group directors, as listed below.

All groups, with the exception of the Pipe Band, perform competitively and members must be fully committed to rehearsals, learning their parts thoroughly and making good progress throughout the year.

Performance Uniform and dress code

All students in performance music groups, except for the Pipe Band, require a music uniform comprising of the following:

  • Music Blazer to be purchased from the School Shop for $165
  • White Shirt (pressed and clean) - this is available from the School Shop for $35
  • School tie – to be purchased from the School Shop for $30
  • Black Trousers (pressed and clean) can be purchased from the School Shop for $73
  • Black socks and shoes (polished)

As representatives of Auckland Grammar School, all performance group members are encouraged to maintain a high standard of dress at all times.


Representing Grammar is an honour, and exemplary standards in preparation, punctuality and performance are expected of each and every member. If an absence from a music lesson at short notice is unavoidable please email Mrs Mackenzie, the Music Administrator, at and she will ensure the appropriate staff are informed.

For a planned absence from a Performance Group rehearsal, permission must be sought in advance via email, from the respective Group director. Unplanned absence(s) or illness must also be communicated via email to the respective Group director as soon as possible.

For more information on any of the music groups offered at the School, click on the links below: