Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Gateway to Music

If your son is a new student at Auckland Grammar School and he is interested in learning a musical instrument, his musical journey starts here.

We have a supply of instruments that we wish to encourage boys to take up (the oboe, bassoon, French horn, euphonium, tuba, the flute and the trombone). These can be hired for $50 per year, subject to availability. Other instruments can be rented quite cheaply through music shops, such as KBB and MusicWorks.

Teachers and lessons - please click here to enrol for music lessons for 2018.

If you want your son to start lessons but are unsure of which instrument to choose, please contact Mr Barry Wasson, Head of Performance Music via email,

Our team of visiting specialist instrumental music teachers are highly experienced, highly qualified teachers and performers, ranking amongst the best in New Zealand.

Lessons are held during the school day. Any available times outside school periods (lunchtime/afterschool) are reserved for senior students. Lessons rotate so that the same subject is missed only once every term.

Our experience is that this does not have a negative impact on their learning, indeed international research points towards the many benefits of learning an instrument, even if subject time is missed.

Lessons are mostly in small groups, although advanced senior players can sometimes be timetabled for individual lessons - this makes it impossible to offer piano or keyboard lesson.

Please read the following summary carefully:

  • The cost of instrumental lessons is $100 per year and payment needs to be made through the Parent Portal
  • Lessons costs are heavily subsidised and will be terminated (after a verbal then written warning) if attendance and/or progress is unsatisfactory
  • You will receive feedback on your son's attendance and progress
  • Lessons are during the school day. Times outside school periods are reserved for senior students
  • Lessons rotate so that the same subject is missed only once every term, and are held in small groups of between 2-4 students
  • We recommended that pianists continue with private lessons and learn a second instrument in school, enabling them to be fast-tracked into a school performance group
  • Contemporary music lessons (guitar, bass guitar, drum kit) are always over-subscribed and we cannot guarantee everyone a place. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you choose a second option