Music Leaders and Representative Badges

Music Leaders and Representative Badges

The following students have been appointed to a leadership role in a Music Performance group at Auckland Grammar School. They will support staff and colleagues through the management and artistic leadership of their groups, and will take an active role in building collegiality and a productive creative environment.

The 2020 Leader of the Concert Band is A.P. Kerr-Munley 7G

Kerr-Munley has been a vital member of both Big Band and Concert Band since graduating from Wind Band in 2017.  He has been the first Tenor Saxophone player for several years and mixes a very high level of musicianship with excellent organisational and relationship skills, managing to be both results-focused and people-focused at the same time.

The 2020 Leader of Grammarphonics and Grammar Voices is B.T.A. Holloway 7D

Holloway has been a member of Grammar Voices since it began in 2017 and has also sung with Grammarphonics since it began the following year. Ben is an experienced and skilled singer, having sung as a treble with the Auckland Boys’ choir before coming to Auckland Grammar School, and he is a capable leader and respected member of both choirs.

The 2020 Leader of the Big Band is A.J.A. Raby 7G

Raby has been a member of the Big Band since 2016 having played Baritone Saxophone initially and now Lead Tenor Saxophone for the past two years. He has been a key member of this group performing at the KBB Music Festival, the Auckland Jazz Competition, and the National Youth Jazz Competition. He has also been a featured player with school events across the year, including Winter Concerts, Performance Days and the 150th celebrations. Raby is a dedicated and enthusiastic musician who has a love for Jazz. As a leader he brings reliability, relatability and a presence that brings the group together. Raby also leads the Jazz Combo this year where he can continue to develop as a player in improvisation and also as a featured instrumentalist.

The 2020 Concert Master of the Symphony Orchestra is W.J. Coup 7D1

Coup has been a member of the Symphony Orchestra and Grammar Virtuosi since 4th Form and has performed as part of the production orchestra for the combined productions with Epsom Girls’ Grammar of Sugar in 2017 and Ragtime in 2018. He is currently on book 8 of the Suzuki method and has participated in Suzuki conventions in Japan, Jakarta and Bali. He has a strong work ethic and leads by example in his dedication and commitment to the groups that he is a member of.

The 2020 Leader of Grammar Virtuosi is W.Q. Zheng 7A

Zheng has been a member Grammar Virtuosi and Symphony Orchestra since 2017, and has previously been involved in Chamber Music. He has gained Grade 8 violin, and was the leader of the Chinese Extravaganza Chamber Orchestra in 2019.

The 2020 Pipe Major of the Pipe Band is D.W. Allan 6E

David Allan has stepped into the role of Pipe Major with a wealth of piping experience that he has accumulated in his piping career.  With a number of new pipers and an extended repertoire of new tunes, he has a large level of responsibility.

His knowledge of the musical requirements needed for an increase in the number of pipers in the Pipe Corp, together with his own piping dexterity, will give him a wider range of opportunities in both leadership and his own piping skills.

The role of Pipe Major is now encompassing a larger role in developing the skills of the new pipers, as well as retaining a strong musical focus of the whole Pipe Band.  David Allan has a wide cross section of abilities that are well suited for this role.