Why are options important?

Why are options important?

Selecting subjects for next year's study is an important decision. To assist in this process, a Course Handbook is available for online consultation. This handbook addresses and provides the answers to many questions that students and parents/guardians commonly have about choosing a course of study.

The Course Handbook includes a comprehensive list of subject course descriptions. These course outlines address such questions as:

  • What is the value of studying this subject?
  • How is this subject assessed? What is the balance between internal and external assessment?
  • Can this subject be picked up in Form 6 and/or Form 7?
  • What is the content of the course? What topics are studied?

Other questions that arise generally have to do with future possible tertiary qualifications and careers, and the likely mark or grade that a student might realistically hope to achieve in a particular subject. For example:

  • What tertiary courses and careers will this subject lead on to?
  • What subjects do I have to do if I want to study Law/Medicine/Architecture?
  • What mark can I expect to get?

Heads of Departments and senior staff can usually provide answers to these questions. The Careers Department is the best source of information about subject pre-requisites for tertiary courses and careers.

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